Lindsey's Valentine Gift to Jay

watercolor house pic.PNG

I started thinking about Valentine's Day particularly early this year as I was extremely pregnant.  I discovered the perfect gift after one of my friends commissioned artwork for her new law office and I fell in love with the watercolor work! Since we had just moved to a new house, I thought that would be a perfect piece to have created. I contacted Kelsey Kelley, an artist and independent business owners of Scribe Hustle.  I looked at her work and was extremely impressed. Kelsey did watercolor paintings of not just buildings but portraits, pets, flowers and calligraphy.  She also offers an array of sizes and I was stoked to find out she could paint my dogs in front of our house. The finished product was amazing and my husband absolutely loved it!

I love that he has a one of a kind print, and even if we eventually move, we have this perfect memory of the first house we ever bought together and the house we brought our first child home to. 

Check out Kelsey Kelley's work at and on Instagram @scribehustle