Welcome to the Champagne Way!  We are beyond excited about this new journey in hosting our own podcast about some of our favorite things. 

Our Motto is "To Live Every Day Like A Celebration!" 

Within our show we'll discuss life events, music, entertainment, vacations, restaurants, pets, Nashville, and of course CHAMPAGNE!!

Show Segments to look forward to:

  • Whats in your cup? - this seems self explanatory, but basically we'll talk about the drinks we've chosen for that day. 

  • The Champagne Showdown -  comparing different types of champagnes and champagne inspired cocktails. 

  • Champagne Shout-out  - We'll give toasts based on listener submissions - to people in their life deserving of a little praise! 

  • Drink About it- A recap of things both celebratory & vent worthy that make us want to drink each week. 

  • Champagne Trivia- We'll ask one question at the end of each show to test the champagne knowledge or google ability of our listeners.  

We really look forward to providing you a fun podcast each week, and hope you'll tune in! 


Trina & Lindsey