Life can get rough and drag you down but with a little bit of delicious bubbly in your glass, and good humor by your side, you can make it through anything. Co-hosts Trina, Lindsey, and Jess turned their regular Champagne Fridays into a lighthearted feel good podcast where they celebrate all aspects of life--all with a glass of champagne of course! They feature a different champagne each episode and talk about real life, fun adventures, and great (and not so great) ideas. Listeners are invited to "drink about it" and submit "Champagne shout-outs" to special people in their lives. This interactive podcast calls upon it's listeners to take an active role in shaping the show and keeping it entertaining. So grab a glass, pop a bottle, and tune in for some champagne filled fun.  

Featured Show Segments

Main Segments: 

  • Whats in your cup? - this seems self explanatory, but basically we'll talk about the drink of the day.

  • Champagne Shout-out - We'll give toasts based on listener submissions - to people in their life deserving of a little praise!

  • Drink About it- A recap of things both celebratory & vent worthy that make us want to drink each week. (Listener submissions are always welcome and encouraged)

  • Drinkin Thinkin Cap - fun recipes inspired by Champagne, Holidays, Seasons, and our Listeners.

Occasional Segments:

  • Champagne Trivia- We'll test the champagne knowledge or google ability of our listeners.

  • Champagne Friday Feature- This is a wild card. We may feature a guest on the show, or host a performer in the studio, who knows.

  • The Champagne Showdown - we'll compare different types of champagnes and champagne inspired cocktails.

  • Little Celebrations- We'll share something we're currently excited about like a new movie, book, show, champagne, etc.. Anything worth a little celebration.

Meet The Team


Podcast Host

Podcast Host

Lindsey grew up in a small town in Tennessee. Waynesboro...in which she spent a lot of time swimming in a pool...i.e. an old bathtub sitting in the backyard. 

She went to MTSU and almost dropped out of college to be Tinker Bell at Disney World after her new roommate from Florida took her there for the first time. 

Somehow she made it through college and graduated with a degree in photography and somehow ended up being a lawyer.

Now in her mid 30's she is married with the most beautiful baby ever, and currently seeking a Guinness World Record for the largest bow collection in the entire universe.  


Podcast Host

Podcast Host

Trina grew up moving just about every three years thanks to her military family. Eventually they settled on the space coast of Florida in the aptly named community of Satellite Beach.

Following her passion to work in the music biz, she moved to Tennessee to attend MTSU, where she was randomly placed in an apartment with 3 gals, one of which had a striking resemblance to Tinker Bell.  After graduating college she started and exciting career in music, supporting music creators from around the world and becoming a VP before 35 #BossBabe.  

She's happily married to her college beau- a drummer from middle Georgia- and they run a production company called The Second Sound and manager their 8 cats Instagram page.


Podcast Host

Podcast Host

Jess is what’s known as a unicorn in these parts--aka, a native Nashvillian. While she was at MTSU pursuing English and writing degrees, Fate also ensured she met her future co-hosts.   

After college, Jess followed her love of the written word north to earn her master’s degree in Publishing, Writing, and Literature. Four years later, she returned to Music City, her heart full of love for Boston and oysters, her pockets heavy with student loan debt.

Jess is currently a senior copywriter at a marketing and advertising agency, though her dream job (besides co-hosting this podcast obviously) is to run a book/baking club, where she would create delicious baked goods based around the book being discussed. She is also engaged to a cool guy, and is very happily not planning their wedding.


Podcast Producer & Engineer

Podcast Producer & Engineer

Marshall could have been described as a "prodigy" from an early age. He wasn't, but he could have.  He spent his early years in a small town in middle Georgia learning everything he could about music, audio, and radio. Starting at the age of 14, his professional music career has taken him from playing the smallest, dirtiest dive bars across the south, to the biggest, cleanest dive bars across the country!

Marshall is an alumnus of MTSU where he studied audio engineering and somehow managed to trick a gorgeous lady into thinking he's cool. He is currently an audio engineer for ESPN Radio, NHL Nashville Predators, and co-owns and operates The Second Sound, a music production company he runs with that same gorgeous lady from college.