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Episode 41- Another BIG Surprise, Mid-Summer Slumps, and Vagina Cakes

The Champagne Ladies reveal some big news about Jess, and then share their tips on how to get over the mid-summer slump (Hint:Pudding Shots may be involved). From there it takes an sharp left turn into some hilarious Gender Reveal party ideas. Grab a glass and sip along for this very interesting episode!

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Episode 29- Drunken Theatrics and Party Ideas

The champagne ladies talk Inebriated Shakespeare with cast members Angela & Daniel, while slowly becoming inebriated themselves. Managing to also somehow discuss party ideas, women’s wresting and Garth Brooks Hugs, this episode is sure to keep you laughing throughout.

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Episode 27- After Christmas Presents and New Year Traditions

Being the last episode of the year, The Champagne Ladies dive into New Year's Eve traditions, and why bubbly is the drink of choice for this particular holiday. The girls also talk about each of their Christmas surprises, and that there needs to be a special "Gift-ervention" for Lindsey's husband, Jay.

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