3 Health Benefits of Keeping it Dry this January

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Dry January. No, I am not talking about the weather, friends. I am talking about a month of Prohibition. Putting a cork in it. No bubbles for your January troubles. This is a pretty recent public health campaign that started in the UK with 4,000 people who pledged to abstain from alcohol for January. It’s steadily grown to a self-improvement resolution, especially after all the indulgence of the holidays. At the end of 2018, 4 million people worldwide pledged to start 2019 off sober.


I know it seems crazy that you would ever want to stop sipping on the bubbly. But abstaining from champagne--and other types of alcohol--actually can promote better health. We Champagne Way ladies love our bubbly. But we also want to promote safe, healthful drinking. And abstaining for even a little while might actually help with some of the other New Year’s resolutions on your list. So, whether you are actively participating in Dry January, or are considering just taking a week off, here are 3 benefits to your health:


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  1.  Lose weight: A standard alcoholic drink usually has 150 calories in it. When you cut those out, you’re cutting back on empty calories. When you’re really craving a glass of wine or champagne at night, try out a new tea instead, or drink some refreshing lemon-cucumber water. And because we don’t make the best food choices when we’re impaired, we often end up consuming junk food. Abstaining from alcohol can help us make better food choices.

  2. Improve your sleep and energy levels: Not drinking/drinking less actually improves your quality of sleep, and thus your energy level. You’ll have more physical energy to run errands, go on walks, and stay awake in the evenings to watch your favorite shows. And you’ll have more mental energy to focus on work tasks, a book, or a new hobby or craft you’re trying to learn.

  3. Have a new experiences with your friends and family: Going out to drink with our friends and family can be so fun. But sometimes when we do that, we miss out on good or important conversations, because we’re so busy drinking together. Dry January--or just a week off from drinking--is a great time to make hangout dates with friends and fam that don’t involve alcohol. Head to your local art museum with your significant other to check out an exhibit. Go get a pedi with your mom. Have coffee and a chat with your BFF. You might learn something about each other you didn’t know before!


Check out this article from Self Magazine for other ways Dry January can improve your health: https://www.self.com/story/dry-january-health-benefits. Let us know if you’re staying away from champagne or other alcohol this month, and if so, how it’s going!

Written by: Jessica Lindner