hair bow overload.jpg

So… the Champagne Ladies tried to have an intervention with me on my bow buying.

Do I even have a problem? Sure, I may buy at least one bow a day, and they are usually a decent size, BUT Rori needs those bows!

When I got pregnant I prayed and prayed for it to be a girl. I couldn’t wait to play dress up and to put huge bows in her hair!

My husband even was hoping for a girl because he secretly knew that if it was a boy, I would still put boys in his hair.

And he was right, I would have. The very first thing I registered for was bows! $850 worth of bows! I mean… what else would she really need? 

Fast forward to Rori getting here. I didn’t jump off the deep end at first. Even though I had a few bows when she was born, I soon found designers on Facebook.

Bow designers?

Yes! These brilliant mommies make amazing HUGE bows. You can even get bows made to match specific outfits.

There are bows with feathers, sequins, burlap and even lights!

These bows are in high demand. You can’t go to a website and order them. You have to be on Facebook at a certain time on a certain day. Then you have to be one of the first to post because they only take the first 125 bow orders!

I have tried 10 times and have only made it one time even though I comment right when the post comes out.

Does she have a lot of bows? Sure.

But it makes me happy. I mean… my husband and friends should be supportive. Right?

It could be a lot worse!

I could be addicted to crack.